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Chit Chat


Category: ID: 1572

Chit Chat ( 54cm )again like Chinwag is one of Wilfys Big
Boys. Will adores the larger bears that give huge
cuddles and as Will would say have a “lot of fluff
for your money”. Chit Chat has been created using
a supersoft fur that feels powdery to the touch in
a toffee colour and animal print. He has a kind
face and a caring nature and has fit in seamlessly
since arriving at the Bearhouse. He is quite a portly
chap (as his main hobby is eating). We often have
visitors here at the bearhouse and everytime we
have guests we always make sure we supply lots
of biscuits with their cups of tea, since Chit Chat
arrived the cookie jar as often been reached for and
found empty. He denies it is him but his oversized
tummy would suggest otherwise!