Bunny number 2 ( 33cm ) in our new collection is completely
different from anything we have created before in
our bunny ranges. Bryony has a very animated
look to her and is almost a fantasy type character
in appearance because of the new plushes we
have used on her. It is quite hard to describe and
needs to be felt to fully appreciate how gorgeous
they are. Her face and chest are powdery white
and feel luxourious to the touch and the main body,
head and her huge oversized lop ears are made
from a thick black fabric which again feels feathery
soft which is tipped with tones of silver, white and
grey. Her ears are most definitely a talking point
they really are very long and almost reach her
knees. She has huge feet too which make it very
easy for her to stand she really is full of character
and has proved very popular at the trade shows
she has visited. If you like her look you may also be
interested to know that she has a best friend called
Stuie who looks fantasic sat beside her.