RJ Wright Tinman


Standing 46cm tall, he is an all-felt doll fully jointed at the neck, shoulders, elbows, hips and knees with the RJW ball & socket jointing system with an internal wood mechanism. Beneath his costume, the Tin Man has a realistic moulded felt torso and limbs. Under his gloves, his amazing sculptural felt hands have individually sewn fingers! The character face has been finely sculpted in a true likeness and skilfully moulded out of felt with hand painted features and a hand-applied metallic complexion. Limited to 250pcs

Extensively researched for the utmost authenticity, the Tin Man’s iconic costume has been precisely recreated in one-quarter scale. The suit is made just as the original was using several layers of buckram, a stiff fabric coated with glue. The buckram parts are bonded to silver paper and joined together with metal rivets to allow movement. The costume is accessorized with detailed gloves, a funnel hat (also crafted out of buckram), and a wooden replica of the original Tin Man’s axe.
Special Note! Only available as a complete set