Steiff ASTERIX is made from mohair in a mixture of bright colours.
His head is moveable so you can move it to look anywhere in your room.
He has brown shoes and bright red trousers with black top.
He is wearing – a green and yellow belt and highly embellished sword.
His head shows his large nose and black eyebrows over white eyes with small black inners.
Long white ears over a grey top of his head and bright yellow hair and whiskers.

ASTERIX is a shrewd, cunning little warrior, all perilous missions are immediately entrusted to him.
ASTERIX has made off with Caesar’s laurel crown, won a gold metal at the Olympic Games and completed with honours the 12 tasks as decreed by Caesar one day when he was foolish enough to risk a bet with our incorrigible Gauls.
As for the ASTERIX comic book series with 36 different adventures, it has been the sensation of the publishing world for over 55 years while the character ASTERIX has become a mythical figure.

After the great success of DOGMATIX, ASTERIX appeared in 2016.
He will then form part two of the trio of probably the best-known figures from the globally successful comic strip.

Limited edition of just 1,000 pieces .. 14cm