Great American Spirit Bear 683831


Item number: 683831 Exclusive to USA
Offered in an edition of only 776 pieces, it is the ultimate collectible treasure that every patriotic American will want to own. Since 1872, the Bald Eagle has been the ultimate symbol of American patriotism. In 1945, President Harry S. Truman made this majestic species a part of the Official Seal of the President of the United States. In celebration of the pride, power, and peace that the eagle embodies, Steiff is pleased to introduce our Commemorative Eagle Teddy bear as the latest addition to our Great American series. This limited-edition collectible continues our series of Great American bears joining past editions that have honored the likes of Washington, Lincoln, and Uncle Sam. These Teddy bears typified the true spirit of our country. This handcrafted Great American Spirit Bear made of genuine mohair holds a detailed mohair eagle on his paw. It wears a campaign-style “Button in Ear” and a red, white, and blue ribbon that has been carefully antiqued to reflect its historic status.