Petsy 407383


This remarkable 1928 Replica piece is a Petsy, with a difference. Just like his predecessor, this Petsy has a distinguished coat and look, with his eyes taking centre stage. A fabulous Worldwide Limited Edition from 2006

1928 Petsy is a 42 cm fully jointed, teddy bear with tip and tilt growler. He is sewn from the finest, luxury mohair in a chocolate-tipped, strawberry blonde, with warm, wool felt paws and stuffed with excelsior. He has large, cupped finger twirling ears and a pointed muzzle, whilst his sparkling, glossy black eyes with their unusual look of the top half being cerulean blue and the bottom black. A hand stitched, pale peach nose and sumptuous, satin bow in co-ordinating cerulean blue
This exceptional Replica is a Worldwide Limited Edition of just 3,000 pieces, and comes boxed with his numbered certificate of authenticity.

Approx Size: 42 (cm)