Three Holy Kings 007064


Steiff THREE HOLY KINGS SET is just adorable.

Each piece is designed and dressed majestically.

Melchior, in brown mohair wears a tunic with a jacquard trim, a red velvet cape with a pearl and a hand sewn turban.
Balthasar, in cinnamon coloured mohair wears a cotton tunic covered with a blue shiny jacquard cloak and pointed crown.
Caspar, in light coloured mohair wears a jacquard tunic with gold trim and purple cloak and and gold coloured crown.

Each bear is 3 way jointed

Their gifts are carried in a gold bag, a handmade chalice and thurible.

And each bear has the same limited edition number – which makes them very collectible.

Just look at our Navity Scene 2020 under 006937 and this piece would compliment this item so nicely.

Limited edition of just 1,225 pieces worldwide.