“Teddies of tomorrow” Richard



Steiff Richard teddy bear is designed for the 2022 collection.
He is named after the inventor of the teddy bear: Richard Steiff.
His arms, head and legs are jointed.
This bear is 28 cm. tall and made of the finest grey Bamboo-viscose plush.
His paw pads are made of violan.
The bear has a black embroidered nose and black plastic safety eyes.
He is stuffed with Polylactid (corn fiber)
He is finished with a chest tag out of stainless steel with the factory logo etched.
With this bear, Steiff wants to show that they value the environment so he belongs to the “Teddies for Tomorrow series”.
Please note that this bear comes with a brass button in his left ear and a new ear tag.
This ear tag is white with blue.
This means that the bear is not limited and has his certificate as a hangtag.