Disney Originals Minnie Mouse 024511



Item number: 024511
Where would he be without her? Minnie Mouse is the friend who is always at Mickey’s side – and what a friend she is! Smart, fun-loving, witty Minnie is a talented little mouse. She is full of empathy and gives great advice, making her a loyal companion in any situation. What’s more, she can wrap Mickey around her little finger with her enchanting look… Measuring 31 cm tall, our Disney Originals Minnie Mouse is made of cuddly soft plush and is a proud successor to the world’s first licensed Minnie Mouse figure released by Steiff in 1931. Her characteristic, lovingly designed black and white face watches us happily. Just like Mickey, she has white gloves for hands. Complete with smart polka dots, her skirt and bow complement those yellow high heels perfectly! The bean bag in her bottom allows her to sit comfortably.